Our Process

Preparing your home for sale is no easy task. So let Frooglly manage the entire preparation so that you can reap the profit of your sale!

First Step

The Consultation

The first step to sold, is your consultation. We start off with a phone consultation with one of our project coordinators to discuss your problem area(s), goals, needs, limitations , expectations and any other questions you may have. All discussions are kept completely confidential.

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Second Step

The Walkthrough

We get an idea of what you need and want before we schedule your frooglly walk through. During the walk through, your personal home consultant determines what we need to do to showcase your home. From editing, cleaning, painting, repairing and staging both inside and outside.

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Third Step

The Prep

This is the time that we tackle that neverending to do list. These “small” items turn into lost profits for you. We then clean. Then clean. Then clean. then clean again. Nothing is better than a great smelling and clean home in the eyes of a homebuyer. In addition, we spend some time evaluating the inside and outside of your home; then make and execute a plan to declutter and stage before you’re ready to show your home.

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Fourth Step

The Declutter

We will then declutter or edit your home of unnecessary or distracting items. You may love the item but the bottomline is your bottomline. And we want to to put our best foot forward. So your space will then appear less cluttered and more functional. We will transform each room into an attractive space that appeals to a wide range of prospective buyers.


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Fifth Step

The Photoshoot

After we complete your prep, we are now ready for beautiful professional photography designed to make your home shine. Potential buyers search the net before ever stepping foot in your home and if those images are not a stand out, your home will be passed up for something else. So we make sure your photos are beautiful high resolution images that truly showcase your home. Then we create a personal website for your home for sale. We manage and update the site as needed. And now we are ready to go to market.

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Sixth Step

The Marketing

We are now ready to place your property listing on popular sites to promote your offering. We then manage all of the listings including open house listings until you close on your property. You will never worry about your posts again. With consistent marketing your home will sell quickly and for top dollar!

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Seventh Step

The End

And now it’s your turn! You meet with potential buyers and sell your home. Nobody knows your home better than you. Our job is to simply make the most of the features and benefits of your house.  And help you sell it quickly and profitably. We handle the prep and marketing, you handle the sale. However, we will be here if you need support for the sale process–with no additional fees!

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